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The wall of nair3615

  • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

    hello nair .. i like how your reference to apples and apple sauce .. in your profile info 🙂 what if the apple has gone rotten tho and we just want to throw it away lol .. i will read some of your work , i have only just seen you on here and i am quite new to this forum but i will check your work out sometime

    • lulu

      Hey Rob nice new pic u have got in ur profile 🙂 so how is everything going on ?!!!

        • nair36

          Thanks, and things are going well. I graduated a week ago and now I'm looking for a job. How are things with you?

          • lulu

            Wow am amazed 😀 am happy for you and I hope u find a job that u like 🙂 so what do u want to be?!!

            Well am still in high school coz I have one more year to go 🙂 and can't wait to finish the boring school 🙂

          • Anna

            Hey! How are you? I'm not a teen yet, but I will be in 7 days. My opinion of your work is that it basically doesn't NEED any improvement. But, if you just want to wipe some dust of your work, then be my guest. But in my opinion, you are totally amazing!

            • SauravRHS

              Hey... I am a writer in my teens. I require your help to develop my skills...

                • nair36

                  I'm a teen too, what kind of help did you need?

                  • SauravRHS

                    I want to be your friend first of all... and then I want your comments and your views on my poetry... so please help me out...!

                  • Moeketsi


                    • lulu

                      Loved the last poem your last poem very nice btw how Is everything going on?!! Hope everything is fine 🙂

                        • nair36

                          Everything is good with me. I'm happy, sort of, and am doing well. How are things with you?

                          • lulu

                            Am fine . Yah it's been so long since you have published a peom how was everything what were u doing ?!!! I guess u r better now I bet 🙂

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                          • lulu

                            Hii Rob...How is eveything going??!!! long time no see 🙂

                              • nair36

                                Hi lulu,
                                Everything is going okay. hbu? School is long and restless while I live in poetry land. So whats up?

                                • lulu

                                  Looool I love this phrase ( poetry land ) 🙂 well me too I have too many exams and homeworks too in fact I have a statistics exam tomorrow.. :/ wish me luck 🙂 btw nice pic 🙂 it's better than the previous one 😛

                                • lulu

                                  Heey Rob what's up?!! 🙂

                                    • nair36

                                      not much... whats up with u?

                                      • lulu

                                        Well I just finished a whole day shopping trip 😛 & tomorrow I have a school trip to Hamlet's play you?!!:)

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                                      • lulu

                                        Heeeey Rob is there anything new about school..hope everything is fine...:D cant wait to talk to you soon 😀

                                        • lulu

                                          so how is ur grandfather doing???
                                          hope u had fun 😀 🙂

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