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FredPeyer said:

Well written, from the heart. I can only agree with lost-but-not-broken. I am a father and now grand-father, and while I did yell at my kids once in a while, it is all good. They actually told me as adults, that they sometimes wanted to see how long it would take me to lose my cool! :-)
Verbal abuse is as bad or even worse than physical abuse, since there are no outward signs. I don\'t know if it would do any good to sit down with your dad (and mom maybe) during a time of calm to tell him how you feel and how much he is hurting you.
Maybe the writing will help, it seems to do that for many people. Stay strong and look forward to a better future!

September 20th, 2017 00:01

lost-but-not-broken17 said:

I\'m going through a similar situation with my father. And shit stings.. you go from being daddy\'s little girl to nothing once you start to grow up. All because of how he was raised. I stopped talking to my dad once I turned 18 which was about a couple weeks ago. And he acts like he doesn\'t care. It\'s parents that can hurt in the worst ways but you\'re strong enough that you can over come the hurt. I can tell through your writing. If you wanna i have a poem on my profile called dad. It explains a lot. If you ever need someone to talk to shoot me a message. I\'m here(:

September 19th, 2017 23:21