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Letter to the Old Blanket
Accidental Poet said:

Yes, welcome to MPS. A beautiful write Isabella of missing your brother. I guess the question begs to be asked, what were the circumstances of his leaving?

September 23rd, 2017 03:40

Letter to the Old Blanket

GRACIAS ISABELLA (Lovely Name) Welcome to MPS and thank You for your first Poem. It is beautifully written & spaced and full of Melancholy Rhythm ! I cried too when my Sister left for College and I used to hug and kiss her Sweater just to remind me of her sweet scent. Now she only lives 50 miles away with her Husband & Family ~ AMEN. There is so so much sadness in your Lovely Poem ~ but I understand because like You I know just how powerful the \"Special Love\" between \"Brothers and Sisters\" can be. MPS is a very Empathetic Site some amazing Poets. Thanks for sharing ~ Thinking of You ~ Praying for you ~ Love to be your MPS FRIEND ~ Yours BRIAN (UK)

September 23rd, 2017 01:34