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The wall of BRIANSODES14

  • charlotte connolly

    you have some really nice poems, i have so far only read a few but will be sure to read some more .. wow and yu have over 600 thats amazing


        Thanks ROSE ~ Pleased you like my POEMS thanks for your comments ~ I studied English Literature at School so reading and writing POETRY has always been important to me. I try to write ONE each day so 600 is two years work OK ~ Yours Poetically ~ BRIAN

      • Kat

        If you get a chance read my poem shells in the sand. Thanks

        • Emelia Elizabeth Kinsey

          Your poems are beautiful, feeling very out of my depths!

            • BRIANSODES

              THANKS EMELIA ~ All Liverpudlians are BORN poets and i have bee writing for 14 years ~ since i was 10 ! I am pleased the you see beauty in my Poetry I do my best too make the SHAPE & STYLE of the Poem (Verses ~ Rhyme pattern ~ Rhythm etc) fit the STORY ~ The linguistic style & message etc ! I also always include a VISUAL PICTURE because Visual Art and Written Art are symbiotic ! I loved your first poem and promise that if you post others I will send you a loving comment ! Poetic Hugs ~ BRIAN

              • Emelia Elizabeth Kinsey

                No worries, I posted a poem recently called Purple Lakes, please let me know what you think!

              • Kat

                Please add a stanza to our fusion poem. What is your favorite childhood memory. I would love for you too!

                • Kat

                  Brian if you get the change read the poem I posted today! You are included in it my friend!

                  • lastbadbrad6

                    much ado about nuthing

                      • OUTBACK

                        THE STORY of YOUR EXISTENCE* - lastbadbrad6

                      • P.H.Rose

                        Hi Brian please
                        Add some of your
                        Wonderful words
                        To my fusion poem
                        4 words, 4 lines..

                        • OxfordSkills

                          Thank you for the friend invite Briansodes. Accepted. :)

                          • P.H.Rose

                            Hi Brian, please add
                            To my stanza..
                            Last hour of power,
                            If you have time.

                            • Jem Diablo

                              Thank you BRIANSODES.

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