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The wall of BRIAN & ANGELA14


    You may want to change the spelling of 'coking' to cooking in your profile, unless it means you're doing cocaine.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks FRIEND ~ Good to have a spelling GURU in MPS much of the spelling is appalling ! That is the influence of TEXTING and 21st C Modern Poetry. Will alter to COOKING ~ Like all HUMANS I have some FLAWS but Class A Drugs is not one of them ~ YET ~ Yours BRIAN

        • LAWLESS

          No problem Brian. I'm very anal about spelling. It drives my wife crazy when I correct hers.

          I haven't done cocaine yet either. Don't think I will. I've seen it destroy others lives.

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        • Maxine Smith

          I have to say it’s been amazing this last few weeks, I’ve been on here for a while but only recently I’ve given it my everything and really felt alive in my poetry.
          Having your Awsome feedback has given me great confidence. Your advice, whether it be to me or others I take note. As I always want to improve.
          It has been such a pleasure to collaborate with you and I am
          Looking forward to posting later.
          You are an amazing writer, I always find your work so interesting and joyful to read. Present inspiration for love and just brilliant technique (which I have yet to fully master but il get there)
          Thank you for being an aswome MPS friend.

          • Jessica Tawney

            Thank you so much for your comment on my post! 😁 That\'s awesome that you work with college students in the mental health field!! I\'d definitely love to be in that profession! My bachelor\'s degree is in multidisciplinary studies and my concentrations are in psychology, sociology, and communications. I have 2 As, 2 Bs, and 1 C going towards my master\'s degree. My major was psychology. I stopped going to my online master\'s degree program a few years ago. I honestly thought I was just gonna take a break from school for a little big and then start back up, but I never ended up going back to school yet. I have been talking to another online grad school that I might start sometime soon, but my major will be substances abuse counseling instead of psychology. I\'d love to work in this profession too! I know I\'d love it, bc I\'m a very compassionate, caring, and kind person that loves to help other humans and animals, and I can relate to and know how the drug addicts and mentally ill people feel, bc I\'ve been there and done that, since I\'m a drug addict and have mental illnesses myself! I definitely agree with everything you stated about mental illnesses and addictions! I haven\'t been doing too much of anything to lift myself up, except for maybe writing poetry, taking walks around town with my son and bf, and watching my favorite tv shows, such as Law and Order: Criminal Intent and SVU, and movies on Netflix and some internet websites where you can watch pretty much any tv show or movie for free, unless they\'re too new of a movie, is just now in theaters, and/or is just not on the site yet. Sometimes you can still watch some of the new releases that are in theaters, but they are just not too great of versions. Hehe! 😜 I really appreciate all your comments and feedback! It\'s a pleasure meeting you! 😁 Ttyl hun! 💙rnrnLove,rnJessica Tawney

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                THANKS FOR THE INFO JESS
                I love URBAN SLANG and text short hand

                TTYL ~ Talk to you later ~ OK

                RN ~ Right Now ?

                Hugs ~ BRIAN ~ @@@

                • Jessica Tawney

                  You're very welcome hun!

                  *hugs* back at ya!

                  Jessica Tawney

                • yellowrose

                  you have some really nice poems, i have so far only read a few but will be sure to read some more .. wow and yu have over 600 thats amazing

                    • BRIAN & ANGELA

                      Thanks ROSE ~ Pleased you like my POEMS thanks for your comments ~ I studied English Literature at School so reading and writing POETRY has always been important to me. I try to write ONE each day so 600 is two years work OK ~ Yours Poetically ~ BRIAN

                    • Elizabeth Locorriere

                      Your poems are beautiful, feeling very out of my depths!

                        • BRIAN & ANGELA

                          THANKS EMELIA ~ All Liverpudlians are BORN poets and i have bee writing for 14 years ~ since i was 10 ! I am pleased the you see beauty in my Poetry I do my best too make the SHAPE & STYLE of the Poem (Verses ~ Rhyme pattern ~ Rhythm etc) fit the STORY ~ The linguistic style & message etc ! I also always include a VISUAL PICTURE because Visual Art and Written Art are symbiotic ! I loved your first poem and promise that if you post others I will send you a loving comment ! Poetic Hugs ~ BRIAN

                          • Elizabeth Locorriere

                            No worries, I posted a poem recently called Purple Lakes, please let me know what you think!

                          • lastbadbrad6

                            much ado about nuthing

                            • P.H.Rose

                              Hi Brian please
                              Add some of your
                              Wonderful words
                              To my fusion poem
                              4 words, 4 lines..

                              • OxfordSkills

                                Thank you for the friend invite Briansodes. Accepted. :)

                                • P.H.Rose

                                  Hi Brian, please add
                                  To my stanza..
                                  Last hour of power,
                                  If you have time.

                                  • Jem Diablo

                                    Thank you BRIANSODES.

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