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fallen tears

Thanks VICKY for another elegantly written poem straight from your aching heart. To some extent your Poignant Poem mirrors all our experiences in Life & Love ~ there are always highs & lows In Families ~ with Friends ~ in Relationships ~ at School ~ at Work and even at Play ! I am an optimist and always \"count my Blessings\" which always outweigh the negatives !\" MPS is a positive site and we are there for each other 24/7 People need People they CAN RELY ON ! Every Blessing BRIAN (UK)

December 21st, 2017 15:18

motherly love

WELCOME VICKY ~ THANKS FOR YOUR FIRST POEM ~ WOW it is so dramatic and dynamic and the ending is BEAUTIFUL ! Love the \"free verse\" format and yet it throbs with (irregular) Rhyme and pulsates with Rhythm ~ easy to read & recite all hallmarks of an excellent Poem ! Seems like your Mum walked out when you were born and now you are a Poised Polished & Perfect 17 year old she wants you back in her life ! I expected you to tell her to \"GO TO H**L\" but NO ! \"i found what i was looking for ~ down in my core ~ where theres love ~ i can give and reseave finally ~ AMEN ! I\'m a Man ~ and twice your age ~ but it made me CRY ~ You are an ANGEL ~ Especially as I still have my MUM and she treated me with a velvet glove from the day I was born and still does ~ but I can empathise because I know how precious a 24/7 Mum (& Dad) is. Every Blessing ~ Thinking of You ~ Praying for You ~ Yours BRIAN (UK) Thanks for sharing & caring ~ I trust you found it CATHARTIC.

December 19th, 2017 16:15