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This time of year.
Debsspot said:

So very sad for you Kirsten. Family celebrations are hard when loved ones are no longer there. We have a tradition that was started by my Dad and carried on by Mum. Now they are both gone continuing it keeps them close. Best wishes to you and your family.

November 16th, 2018 16:43

This time of year.
Joe Dawson said:

Bless you, Christmas and an empty chair, a pain that cannot be easily soothed. If only there were a button one could press and a time machine ... but there is not and you are very brave to tell of your loss. You will be in many a mind come Christmas. Joe

November 16th, 2018 14:03

This time of year.

WELCOME TO MPS KIRSTIN ~ I was born in Liverpool so BELFAST (nice City) was only a Boat Ride away ! Thanks for you first Poem ~ very elegant ~ BUT with a sad message ! I\'m 35 and I have lost two Brothers and Christmas loses a bit of its GLITTER because of that ! I now live in my own FLAT but MUM always puts a special STAR on the TREE for James & Henry. We know they are both in HEAVEN so we see them as Stars in the Sky ! Your first verse suggests your LOVED ONES have died recently and the first few years are hardest. James died 34 years ago and Henry 15 years ago but we still miss them. I know my Brothers cant return but I know I shall meet them again in Heaven ~ AMEN ! Its so so sad they cant share in our Christmas JOY. Thinking of you at Christmas ~ BLESSINGS ~ BRIAN & ANGELA. Angela (30) is my Fiancee but she is working in New Zealand until September 2019. I will miss her @ Christmas BOO HOO ! Please check our Poems ~ Thanks B & A !

November 16th, 2018 13:55