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Hello Little Blue Bird

HI BC : Angela here : I love this poem ! Because BRIAN and I are apart UNTIL November (Im in New Zealand on a Work exchange) I often sing my Love Songs to the Trees & Birds & the Sea !
Sing for me : Dance with me : Listen to me : Speak to me : Please remember me : Dont forget me ! Your Poem is beautiful and its sentiments made me CRY ! It also reminded me BRIAN is coming for two weeks in APRIL : AMEN
Blessings & Love : ANGELA 🧡
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March 19th, 2019 15:36

Hello Little Blue Bird
orchidee said:

A fine write Cat.

March 19th, 2019 15:09

Hello Little Blue Bird
Nicholas Browning said:

Blue birds! My favorite. Why? \"Because they\'re blue of course.\"
I enjoyed the read. May your bird not forget you.

March 19th, 2019 14:55

Wish I Was What You Need Me To Be

HI \"BC\" Thanks for a very elegant Poem with good meter ! Six neat quatrians with a consistent Rhyme Pattern aabb ccdd etc. This beautiful structure hides a sad & angry message about LOVE spurned ! I (ANGELA) am 30 and I had similar experiences in my teens and 20\'s. Men I liked who were Friends but we were never an Item. Often they were seduced by a BIMBO (I am Serious & Professional : Physiotherapist) but I can let my hair down and be passionate when appropriate ! The tragedy is Affairs with Bimbos are transient and leave Men dissapointed. I was looking for a mature Relationship : Love & Engagement etc. My Fiancee : BRIAN : understands me and He knows \"I am what He needs me to be\" We have a lot in common and plan to be married @ Easter 2020. Im from Essex UK as is Brian but I am in New Zealand on a Work Exchange until October 2019. 11,500 miles is a long way : BUT : it has made our love grow stronger ! There is a Man (like BRIAN) out there for you : Im praying you will find each other : very soon !
AMEN Blessings through Poetry : ANGELA 🧡

March 8th, 2019 17:54

Wish I Was What You Need Me To Be
dusk arising said:

\"I wish i was what you need me to be\" are words which tear at the soul.

It is hard to face up to the reality that if you are not already what your partner wants/needs you to be, then you never will be.
How fulfilling it would be to find a person who sees you as who they want/need.
However, just letting go of the partner who makes you feel second rate/unfulfilled will at least allow you to regain some self esteem and place you in a position where you are able to look for the right person. Reading your words it is clear your partner is abusing your love and affection with another person.

Heart wrending words from you today.

March 8th, 2019 13:38

I\'m Afraid I\'ll Lose You
dusk arising said:

Jeez, if its that painful get out of the relationship. Whats the attraction? Do you enjoy the pain... oh.. you do. Well enjoy being hurt then.

Do you get the message?

February 8th, 2019 21:59

Now I\'m Here, Sitting Next To You
psychofemale said:

beautiful :)

February 4th, 2019 22:39

I Don\'t Wanna Live Without You

WELCOME BLACK CAT (Good penname !) : Thanks for sharing your first Poem ! It happens : and it is very sad when parents intervene in our Love Life especially when they dont know all the facts ! It has happened to me in the past ! I share this site with My Finace BRIAN fortunately my parents love HIM and his Parents love ME ~ AMEN ! Im 30 & Brian\'s 35 : It took us a while to get where we are ! No quiero vivir sin BRIAN ! I trust your situation sorts itself out positively :
Blessings ANGELA. Please check our site ~ thanks !

January 24th, 2019 18:20

I Don\'t Wanna Live Without You
psychofemale said:

well done, loved the second language you added :) beautiful

January 24th, 2019 17:22