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Motorway life

Thanks for sharing FRIEND ~ Another great *memory* Poem ! For those of us born in the last 35 years the *car* is the normal mode of travel and we all have lots of *car journey* memories. Your memories of your journies & your MUM & DAD have painted an unforgettable picture !

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July 20th, 2019 08:04


HI FRIEND : WELCOME TO MPS ! ANGELA here : I share this site with my Fiancee Brian. Thanks for your first Poem which I found interesting from a Personal & Professional point if view. Im a Physiotherapist (which involves Massage etc) and until October (2019) I am in New Zealand on a Work exchange : Brian & I live in Essex UK. MPS is an interactive site and it works by reading & commenting on others Poetry. In Physio we are mainly concerned with increasing and maintaining mobility but we have to be aware of sensitive zones. This includes ones hands and fingers which are very sensitive ! I started to self pleasure (in the shower) when I was about 14 and found it gave me a sensual release (orgasm) which was very beautiful & satisfying & normal. Lots of ladies now use TOYS ! I agree with you about ANAL and have never had it : or nerver will. Oral sex is normal and very satisfying. Brian & I dont cohabit (we have our own Flats in the UK) but we are getting married @ Easter 2020 ! Im 31 and Brian is 35 !

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July 19th, 2019 13:31