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Strand One

Well written with a sense of wisdom.

I have found the only person that can help me is myself. Others can guide me; inevitably it comes down to my thoughts and actions. Selfishness is okay when it comes to your health.

September 17th, 2019 17:13

How Best to Stage a Breakdown

A notchy start that leaves me curious.

September 14th, 2019 22:26

How Best to Stage a Breakdown

BRIAN here ~ Good evening FRIEND ~ Welcome to MPS ~ it is an empathetic site and it functions by reading & commenting on each other POEMS ! I am in the UK (Essex) and my Fiancee ANGELA is in New Zealand on a Work Exchange Programe since June 2018 ~ she is coming home in OCTOBER. The distance & cost means I have only visited twice. The separation could have driven us CRAZY ! I am a SCIENTIST and I have worked with People ~ bordering on the MAD & some who acted MAD to get attention. There was a RAF Officer encarcerated in Stalag Luft 13 who pretended to be MAD to get shipped back to the UK on compassionate Grounds. The Germans sent him HOME unfortunately when he got Home he was found to be irreversibly MAD ! When I saw the film I stopped pretending to be a Mad Scientist ! Your poem rings true in respect of some of my Friends (I am 36) who have had breakdowns ~ especialy those who have been in the Military ! Your poem is excellent and has a *Ring of Truth* Thanks for sharing ! Incidently when I am playing (or acting) the Mad Scienist I always speak in (broken) German ~ is there an explanation for this ?

Blessings & Peace
Please check our site ~ Thanks B & A !

September 13th, 2019 16:57

How Best to Stage a Breakdown
sylviasearcher said:

Sounds like a fascinating start.

We should compare notes... I’ve just finished the first draft of a novel on a similar theme

September 13th, 2019 09:04