War Storm


  • Original language: English
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Year published: 2018
  • Book file uploaded by: M.E.M., on the February 24th, 2020
  • Book file read: 149 times
  • Rating: 8/10

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  • M.E.M.
    Publisher: HarperTeen
    Year read: 2021
    Language: English
    Pages: 657
    Price: 13 dollars
    Rating: 8

    There is more action & less idleness in this book. The battles seem more fleshed out & have a clear ending unlike those in the other books. I love the banter between Mare and Evangeline. I also like the the main narrators re female. It kinds sucks that we’re just now traveling all over the map in the final book. I have mixed feelings about Cal for most of the book, but then he finally does the right thing even though the circumstances kinda forced him to. YES Evangeline! She finally did it! I like the familial element of the Lakeland queens. That’s not shown with the other silver families. While the book didn’t end with a nice little bow, it does leave the reader with hope for the future of the characters, which is sometimes better than a nice wrap-up.

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