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The wall of M.E.M.8

  • M.E.M.

    Idk if y’all keep up with my books, but the sits algorithm for adding books and chancing their “read” status has changed and made it more difficult to transfer. Because of that, I will no longer be posting my reviews of the books I read.

    • M.E.M.

      Sorry I’ve been away for a while. I was on a Disney cruise in Alaska last week! There are poems I will be posting about the time there.

      • M.E.M.

        What is happening to My Poetic Side? The “Books Read” “Books to Read” and so on are acting very weird.

        • M.E.M.

          I’ve been reading... A LOT. I’ve been alternating from classics to modern day books. What have you been reading?

          • M.E.M.

            I have edited my poem “Light in the Dark. Please comment and see what you like about the changes.

            • M.E.M.

              If you want to see more of my poetry go to Figment and type in my profile name.

              • M.E.M.

                Ask questions I want to hear your thoughts and what you are into

                • Julian Yanover

                  Welcome to My poetic side!

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