Poet Prince Passes Away – Poetry News February 15th

In today’s poetry roundup we bring you the news that Prince Henrik of Denmark, who was a published poet, has died at the age of 83.

The Poet Prince Consort Dies at the Age of 83

Prince Henrik of Denmark, who was amongst other things a published poet, Prince Consort to Queen Margrethe II (although he denounced the title when he retired from public office in 2016) has passed away at the age of 83. The Prince who had been diagnosed with dementia last year had developed a lung infection. He died on the 13th February at Fresdensborg Castle, a royal residence north of Copenhagen the Danish Capital. He had been moved there earlier this week to “spend his last days” and his son Crown Prince Frederick, who had been attending the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, returned home to be with his father in his final days.

in Talence in the Gironde region of France on 11th June 1934. The prince spent his early years living in Vietman where his family had business interests. When he was 5 years old the family again moved back to France where he was educated in his home until at the age of 13 he was sent to boarding school to continue his education. He studied Political Sciences and Law in Paris at the famous Sorbonne, and at the same time, he also attended the
where he studied Chinese as well as Vietnamese. This was followed by a period of study in Hong Kong and then a further study period spent in Saigon.

On June 10th 1967 he married Princess Margrethe, the Heir Apparent to the Danish throne. At the time he took the name Henrik and became HRH Prince Henrik of Denmark. When the Princess became queen in 1972 he was given the title Prince Consort; over the years he has never hidden his unhappiness at not being given the title of King. Just last year he announced that he would not be buried next to his wife when the time came, this decision will break a 459-year-old tradition in which royal spouses are buried together.

Whilst the Prince was famous for his love of food, wine and poetry it is not as well known that he was, in fact, a published poet. Together with the Queen and using the assumed name H.M Vejerbjerg the Prince translated
by Simone de Beauvoir into Danish. He also published a volume of French poetry “Chemin faisant” in 1982 and in 2000 a further collection of poems “Cantbile”. In addition to his poetry he also published several books of recipes, a book of photographs. There were also many other poetry books published over the years the most recent was a poetry collection
which was published in 2013.

Prince Henrik leaves behind his wife Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, and two sons
In accordance with his wishes there will be no state funeral, but rather a small private ceremony and rather than being buried the Prince is to be cremated with his ashes split between the Danish seas and the royal private garden of Fresdenborg Castle.

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