Ginsberg AI Works/New Oxford Poetry Professor/Cowboy Poetry – Poetry News Roundup 7th August

Today on My Poetic Side, we look at the poetry of Allen Ginsberg, reinvented using AI, the new Oxford ProAugustfessor of Poetry Canon and the 35th Annual Cowboy Poetry Festival.

Ginsberg Poetry Given New Life Using AI


The estate of Allen Ginsberg, the countercultural icon and acclaimed American poet, will be bringing his poetry to life thanks to AI (artificial intelligence). They are hoping to create new works that will be based on the extensive literary archive that they have of Ginsberg’s work.

Ginsberg is perhaps best known for “Howl”, which he wrote in 1955. The poem is a celebration of the subversion that exists in societal norms. This particular work is commonly credited with being the inspiration for the Beat Generation.

On 10th August, a new exhibition will be opening at the Fahey/Klein Gallery which is in Los Angeles. The exhibition will feature photographs from the poet’s own collection and also a preview of


The latter will be a collection of poems that have been generated through AI, which has been trained using work by the poet.

The exhibition will be running until the end of September.

An AI-powered camera which has the ability to “read” photographs will also be on view during the course of the exhibition, when it will translate some of the poet’s iconic visions of the counterculture of America into poetry. The use of AI will tap into the innovation that Ginsberg himself used with automated writing techniques.

AI is becoming increasingly popular, with tools having been created that can help a range of artists across disciplines and genres. They have been used to replicate the work of particular living artists and also those who have died.

New Oxford Professor of Poetry Canon

AE Stallings will become the second woman to be appointed to the post of Oxford Professor of Poetry in October 2023. The post was established in 1708, and she will succeed Alice Oswald and join the ranks of the likes of Cecil Day-Lewis, Seamus Heaney and Matthew Arnold.

The professorship is a prestigious role and will require the delivery of a termly lecture on a poetic topic.

Stallings has written five collections of poetry and is also a regular contributor to a number of literary publications. Her work has also included translating Hesiod and Lucretius. She was born in the US state of Georgia in 1968 and read Classics at both Oxford and Georgia universities. She moved to Athens in 1999, and Greek culture has played an important influence in her life ever since.

35th Cowboy Poet Gathering

The Arizona Poets Gathering 2023 will be taking place from 10th – 12th August. This is one of the most popular events to take place in Prescott, and this year the event promises to be even better than previously, with 40 genuine cowboy poets in attendance to share poetry and song.

The poetry is inspired by life on the ranch and the struggles of the day-to-day life of the cowboy, and many of the poets who will be in attendance have won awards for their poetry.

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