Ivan Vazov Anniversary/Tony Walsh’s New Project/Palin’s Reading – Poetry News Roundup July 4th

Today we bring you articles about the 168thanniversary of the birth of Ivan Vazov, Tony Walsh’s involvement in a new exhibition at IWM North and Michael Palin’s poetry reading at Ledbury Festival.

168thAnniversary of the Birth of Ivan Vazov

This week sees a variety of events and celebrations taking place in the Bulgarian city of Sopot to mark the 168thanniversary of the birth of the writer and poet Ivan Vazov.

The events will kick off today when a book on Boris Vazov, the poets younger brother, will be presented at the Patriarch House of Bulgarian Literature. Other events that will be taking place include a concert of old urban songs, a poetry evening, several talks and a competition in traditional Bulgarian folk music. There will also be a ceremony at which the laureates from the Vazov’s Bulgaria competition will be awarded their prizes.

The week of celebrations will finish with the planting of a coniferous tree and on the 9thJuly a solemn liturgy which will take place at St Peter and Paul in Sopot. The poet Nedyalko Yordanov will give a poetry recital at 7pm on the final day of the celebrations which will mark their official close.

Tony Walsh to be Part of New Exhibition at IWM North

The Manchester-born poet Tony Walsh is once again in the news. It has been announced that he will be playing a leading role in a new exhibition that is being put together at the Imperial War Museum North, which is located in Salford.

“Mightier Than War”, which has been specially commissioned by the museum, will form part of “Making A New World”. This is to be a season of exhibitions and events that are being put together to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War.

Walsh says it is a great honour to have been chosen to write a poem for such an important memorial, and one that he is sure will be a career highlight.

Michael Palin at Ledbury Poetry Festival

Ledbury is in the middle of its poetry festival and for the Monty Python star Michael Palin his participation this year was almost surreal.

Following an incident that involved ambulances, it became necessary to move him to an alternative venue last night for his poetry reading. The temporary venue happened to be hosting a Python-themed party in his honour, and his appearance was met with delight by the party goers.

Normal service resumed when Palin got the venue for his poetry reading and met musician Peter Moser and Sasha Mitchell. The trio were there to celebrate the poems and songs of Adrian Mitchell, Sasha’s father.

Palin was in the middle of one of his poetry readings when an excited member of the audience couldn’t contain his excitement over the score in the world cup match between England and Columbia – Palin asked him to share the score and then told the man to let everyone know when the final score was known, whilst he returned to the poetry which he said was “Far more important”.

Despite everything that happened the poetry reading was a huge success…….and of course England beat Columbia on penalties making it through to the next round!

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