TV Drama Plagiarism/National Poetry Month/Leeds Lieder Poetry – Poetry News Roundup March 21st

Today’s poetry news roundup takes a look at the TV drama accused of plagiarism, National Poetry Month in the US and more poetry that will be set to music for the Leeds Lieder Festival

Poet Accuses TV Drama of Stealing Lines from His Poetry

The poet Lee Hwon has called out the producers of
on SBS in South Korea of plagiarizing one of his poems.

Lines that appear to have been taken directly from a poem that he wrote, which is included in a collection called
appeared towards the end of episode 18 of the drama. They were read as part of a narration to a wedding scene by the male lead

Lee Hwon issued the following statement
In response to the poet’s accusations, the producers of the drama have confirmed that the scriptwriter did use some of the poet’s lines however there was an error with the credits of the episode which were supposed to make mention of this. They have now issued an apology to Lee Hwon and confirmed that reruns of the episode will show the correct acknowledgement.

National Poetry Month – U.S. Poet Laureate Picks 25 Poems

Tracy K Smith, the current poet laureate of the U.S has been assisting with the National Poetry Month celebrations that will be taking place in April. The event was founded in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets.

Smith’s task has been to select 25 poems, written by contemporary poets, for the Poem-a-Day series which aims to share poetry every single day during National Poetry Month. These poems will be shared in public areas, covering spaces in small towns and more rural communities. These are the areas that are often not reached by poetry festivals or reading series.

Poetry Turned into Song – Leeds Lieder Festival

Following yesterday’s article about Slovak music and the poetry of Walt Whitman it would seem that there is something of a trend for setting poetry to music at the moment.

The Leeds Lieder Festival, which will run from 19 to 22nd of April will feature works that have been specially written for the festival. There will be a presentation including a new song cycle; “Songs of Illumination” which will be set to the poems of William Blake, and also a rendition of Winterreise, Schubert’s masterpiece which will be set to poetry by Wilhelm Müller.

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