150th TUC Anniversary Poem/Iranologist Passes Away/Jamaican Poetry Statue – Poetry News Roundup September 10th

We start another week here at My Poetic Side with an interesting selection of poetry news articles. We take a look at the poem written for the 150thanniversary of the TUC, we have news of the sad passing of a noted Iranologist and finally the statue for a Jamaican poet.

TUC 150thAnniversary

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) is currently celebrating its 150thanniversary with their annual congress taking place from 9th to 12th September in Manchester, the city where the TUC was founded.

Carol Ann Duffy has published a new poem to help them mark the occasion. The poem discusses the numerous contributions that the members of the trade unions make to society. The TUC is a subject close to the poet laureates heart, both her father and grandfather worked for them.

Frances O’Grady the General Secretary of the TUC said that they were delighted with the poem and with the involvement of Duffy in helping them celebrate this important anniversary, especially at a time when it is important to remember just how important strong unions are.

Noted French Iranologist Passes Away

Gilbert Lazard, the French Iranologist, has passed away at the age of 98. He is particularly noted for his lifetime pursuit of research into various Iranian languages including the translation of many classical Persian poems.

During his very lengthy career Lazard held many important professorial positions related to Persian Language and Iranian civilisation. His work in the field had a significant effect on all Persian studies in France since 1960. He is, however, particularly noted for his work with the early Persian language and its literature – he translated The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam into French and also part of Divan-e-Hafez.

In addition to his poetry translation, he was also the author of a book on contemporary Persian Grammar and a French-Persian dictionary.

Jamaican Cultural Icon Gets Statue

A statue of Louise “Miss Lou” Bennett Coverley who is considered by many to be a cultural icon thanks to her contributions to the literary world has been unveiled in the Town square in Gordon Town, Jamaica.

The statue, a life-size bronze was unveiled on what would have been the poets 99thbirthday by the Prime Minister. The ceremony was accompanied by singing and poetry readings, including participation from local children from the nearby Louise Bennett Coverley Primary School.

It was felt by many of the locals that the statue was a long time coming and that they hoped that it would not only bring greater recognition for the late poet but also to the local economy in terms of regeneration for the area where the statue has been placed.

The idea of a statue was first suggested in 2012, but the project hit some red tape along the way including the necessary permissions needing to be sought from the late poet’s estate.

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