Missing You Poems

What do you do when you miss someone? For many, this is a difficult subject, as our emotions seem to get the better of us. We either end up in some state of depression or unsuppressed sadness. Some may turn this into anger or some form of genuine anxiety that prevents us from being civil to anyone who might be around us. While such emotions may be understandable, they are hardly acceptable to the rest of society. We can explain that we are missing a loved one, and that will earn for us some degree of grace from others, but that is only short-term and will not be renewed by the majority of people we encounter. So, what do you do when you’ve reached a stage in your emotions that is nearly impossible to deal with? For many, taking the various thoughts and emotions that are flowing through our minds and which are playing havoc with our hearts and our emotions, and writing them down in the form of poetry can be a very positive way of managing our feelings. Psychologist and counselors have proven that doing such things as writing poetry or daily journaling can have a profoundly positive impact on our emotional state. This is especially true when our situation is one in which a significant individual in our lives is being missed. Here is an example of a piece of poetry that may have been written for that specific purpose.

Am I a Fool
by Oliver


Part of the question one might ask is why the person is missing in the first place. There are numerous situations which may cause this to happen, and, therefore, there may be different types of poetry that may be more appropriate for each individual case. Take, for example, those situations where the person that is being missed is just away on a trip of some kind. This sort of situation is usually a short term condition, with a happy ending in the foreseeable future. For these situations, the poem could be more focused on the anticipation of the return of the individual and less about the person’s absence.

Letting Go
by Wabil Janjua


There are other situations where the reason the person is being missed is much more serious. For instance, there are those cases where the individual is serving in the armed forces and is in a potentially dangerous situation. For this, the person who is writing the poem would be more focused on expressing concern for their safe return, for having courage and bravery throughout the day and night. These situations are not easy for either person. In fact, if it was possible, a very positive and helpful idea would be for both people to compose poems and send them to each other. This would let each of them know what the other is thinking and what concerns they might have. Such poems would be beautiful mementos that could be shared later after the person has returned. They could be kept in a special scrapbook with other memories of the times together.

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