Miss You Poems

I-Miss-youWhen you truly miss someone, the emotions that you feel can often be similar to the same feelings that one might have if they’ve lost a loved one through death. The heartache and sadness can sometimes be even more difficult, as there is the knowledge that the person is alive and well, but kept away from us by some circumstance which perhaps he have no control over. Poems about missing someone can be grouped together based upon what those circumstances are. They can range from poems about missing one who is separated by physical distance to those who are separated by emotional distance. The first category of miss you poems, then, is those which are based upon the person be kept at a physical distance. A good example of this type of situation is when a loved one is serving in the military and is stationed overseas. These situations can be complicated further by whether the loved one is in harm’s way, such as being in a war zone or at some location where a natural or man-caused disaster is present.

An Airman’s Wife
by Whitney Piel


The other major category of miss you poems are those where there is some type of emotional distance which is keeping the two apart. Perhaps sometimes this situation is complicated by the fact that both parties do not have the same feelings or perspectives. One of the individuals involved in the relationship may be keeping away from the other on purpose, due to some dissatisfaction over the condition of the relationship. The other person, however, may truly want to reestablish the relationship, and will express that desire through a poem. The goal of this type of poem can be either to just tell the other person how you feel, or perhaps are an effort to get the relationship back together. These types of poems often rely on bringing up memories of happy times or meaningful moments spent together. And of course, these are commonly written by both males and females, as there is no difference between the sexes when it comes to expressing feelings about missing that individual who once held a special place in a relationship.

Missing You
by Danni


Sometimes a poem like this is written by someone the very first time a couple is separated after their wedding. This separation could be for several days, as when one of the newlyweds is traveling on a business trip. Or, it could be for as little as a few hours, while the new wife is gone to the store for groceries or to buy some new clothes. Although such occurrences may seem rather silly and trite, for the person experiencing this situation, the feelings are genuine and heartfelt. That very first separation can cause feelings of loneliness and or even abandonment. Writing down these thoughts and feelings in a ‘miss you’ poem can be a good way of dealing with these situations. And of course, they could be done with a tongue-in-check perspective, trying to alleviate the actual stress felt.

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