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freepoemsI admit that when I saw the topic for this article, I was more than a little ‘stumped’ as to what I might possible write about. Free poems? I confess after seeing the topic I turned off my computer and went for a walk. What can one possibly say about free poems? There are thousands of poems available for free on the internet. Use which ever search engine you prefer and enter the word “poem” and you’ll end up with more poems than you can possibly read in a month. So what was I to do with “free” poems? I am not a ‘quitter’. I don’t give up. I tried a variety of search ideas to see what I might find that would be appropriate for today’s topic — and then, I found it. I almost didn’t click on the link. It seemed too good to be true. But it was perfect.

Free Poems on Demand is an organization based out of Atlanta, Georgia, which does exactly as the name of their organization suggests: they write free poems on demand. Their goal is to spread their love for the written word and the enjoyment one receives out of playing with words. They set up their display at some very conspicuous location and then offer to write poems for people: right there, on the spot, for free, any topic. What an incredible idea! One of their most recent venture was held in conjunction with an event called Art on the Beltline. There were several other performance groups who were providing music and other forms of art. Now, some of you might be thinking that writing poetry is not a performance. I would disagree, especially in regards to this organizations approach. Much like the artist who draws caricatures at festivals and other gathers, or the musician who accepts requests, the poets who write their verses ‘on-demand’ are indeed performance artists. The only thing that the poets seemed to have a request for was an ample supply of coffee and doughnuts to keep them going. As most of the events they attend are held outdoors, I can appreciate their desire to have a few simple refreshments to perk them up — a little caffeine and sugar to boost their creative energy.

I love my family …
by Anonymous

I think what this group is doing is amazing. What a wonderful and creative way to share the joys of poetry. Of course, you don’t need to be so bold with your poetry as to offer to write it on demand. You might, however, decide to add some free poetry to cards or letters that you send to friends and family. You could even scribble one on the back of your electric bill. No charge. This free expression of poetry is probably one of the best means for sharing with others the joy that writing gives you. It’s not quite as demanding as what our friends from Atlanta have offered, but it’s still a wonderful idea — and it’s free.

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by Anonymous

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