Leadership Poems

leadershipEssentially all poems are a reflection of someone’s deep, inward beliefs, about their feelings and their experiences. They tend to speak about a person’s ability to stand up strongly in life. They encourage us through a rather profound collective power that is our own shared reflections on life. They inform us of our own positive vision of ourselves and of all of our amazing possibilities.

Poems about leadership are often about a specific leader or they may touch on an important leadership quality: courage, for instance. It could, however, be about anything that may inspire us to lead others, to trust our own identity, to examine what it really means to be alive, or perhaps more importantly, to live for something that is much larger than ourselves.

Leadership is one of those words that touches everything in the human workplace. It is probably the widest and strongest bridge that connects people with the systems in which they work. It is a word that reaches in and touches the very ideas of an organization, the meaning of its culture and of the society in which it operates. Even the process of talking about leadership is of great benefit, especially in times like these when people are feeling so tense and so afflicted.

Great Leaders…
by Meiji Stewart


Regardless of what position a leader has, whether it be at the head of a major business corporation, a leader of some governmental organization, or just a group of people who have joined together to accomplish some task, they all require the same set of skills in order to be successful. Just think of people you have encountered in the past who were not good examples of leaders. Then compare them with those examples you know of who are excellent leaders. It doesn’t take long to realize just exactly how different those two ‘leaders’ are. Here’s a poem that was published on a school website. I don’t know who may have actually written the poem, but the words used describe very accurately what the qualities of a great leader look like.

The Leader
by Anonymous


While some leadership poems focus on all of the many attributes of a leader, others pick out only one of the many traits to focus on. Such things as leading by example, never giving up, valuing others, or being effective in communication, are often the topics that poets might choose to discuss when contemplating our leaders. Here is a poem that focuses totally on the trait of being self-reliant. The author certainly gives us something to think about.

By Liz Jones


Good leaders prevent chaos. They guide people so that we maintain some degree of civilization. Those people who lead but fail to aspire for some of the many traits noted about have the exactly opposite results — instead of preventing chaos, they create it. I have had the sad misfortune to have recently worked for an organization where the senior management failed to use good leaderships skills in the operation of the organization — it was, without doubt, one of my most unpleasant experiences in life. I can’t emphasize enough the value of good leadership. I think I may just send a link to this site to the head of that organization so that the need for change may be recognized.

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