Love Poems

Persian Miniature of Lovers EmbracingLove poetry dates back as far as recorded time; man’s – and woman’s – need to express his amorous side has spurred on poetry for thousands of years.

The Bible contains one of the oldest examples of love poetry. The book “The Song of Solomon,” is, in fact, and entire chapter of the Bible devoted to love poetry. While most of the Bible is devoted to history, or to poems praising God, the “Song of Solomon” differs by being dedicated exclusively to the love between a man and woman. An excerpt from the “Song of Solomon” proves that love poetry was as enticing in ancient times as in modern times:


By the Metaphysical Age of the early 1600s, poetry had become more academic, but love still inspired poets to put their feelings on paper. The Metaphysical Poets, who included among their numbers Andrew Marvell, Richard Lovelace, George Herbert, and John Donne brought a new depth to poetry, even love poetry, by bringing a philosophical and academic approach to their work.

John Donne is one of the most renowned of the Metaphysical Poets, and much of his reputation rests upon his love poetry. Approaching love with a mixture of passion, humor, and even eroticism, Donne wrote many verses about love, and even wrote at least one poem about writing about love. Interestingly enough, he titled this “The Triple Fool.” Here’s an excerpt:


By the early 1800s, women, who’d heretofore had their creativity, particularly in the field of writing, suppressed, began to gain an audience for their arts, poetry being one of the most-conquered fields for creative women of the nineteenth century. Women were now free to write, and naturally, they began to write about love. One of these women, celebrated American poet Emily Dickinson wrote a series of love poems. She writes of a first true love in poem VIII of her love series, otherwise known as “That I Did Always Love:”


Love poetry is among the most universal arts throughout history. In every language, throughout every era, one will find poems that celebrate the beauty of love.



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