Poems for Parents

Young Family Having Fun In ParkI think everyone believes that his or her parents are the most wonderful couple in the whole world. Let”s face it, they are the ones who are responsible for our very existence — we owe our beginnings to them. In fact, it is through them that we became a member of this lovely world we are now living in. Every time we breath, we owe it to them — we are forever in their debt. Throughout all of their lives, they have shared with us their affection and their love. For any mother and father, when a child is born, that child becomes the essence of their lives. They no longer think solely about themselves, but of the young life they have brought into the world. That child quickly occupies and consumes all of the parents” lives, being the foremost in their thoughts, from sun up until sun up the next day. We don’t realize how much they care for us until we are older, and possibly have kids of our own. Then, we are often too busy to thank them for what they did for us; however, if we have a few free moments during the morning before work, or in the late evening before bed, we might consider writing out a simple poem that can express to them how important they are to us and how much we appreciate all that they have done. It doesn”t need to be lengthy or use complicated phrases and meters — just a simple expression of our gratitude for their hard work and sacrifice.

A Prayer for Parents
by Anonymous


Parents make a lifelong sacrifice in trying to raise their children and to give them what they need the most. They must struggle with all of the sorrows and joys which are a part of parenting, and, in return, anticipate nothing. That is at the heart of parenting. And it is what separates good parents from the rest — being willing to accept that there will be no rewards except to see their children grow to adulthood and become parents themselves one day. It is through poetry that many of these feelings can be expressed.

I Wasn”t Raised In A Mansion
by Charlise Butner


Without any doubt, our parents are the most significant people we will encounter in our lives. They nurture us, care for us and love with all of their hearts. They provide an education that schools cannot give. Through them we develop our values and our understanding of the world around us. As children, however, we often fail to recognize all of the wonderful things they have done for us. Quite often, we don”t realize until after we ourselves have grown to adulthood and have children of our very own, that we begin to realize the sacrifices they have made for us. Poetry help us to express our new-found understanding of our parents part in helping us to become the people we are today.

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