Heart Poems

alone -girl-crying-sad-broken-heartThe human heart is an amazing part of our body. It keeps us going, day after day. It sends blood coursing through every inch of our bodies. If our heart stops working, then our lives come to an end. But we have a second heart that also keeps us going. It is slightly different, as our bodies will continue to function even if this heart has “quit” working. I”m speaking of the figurative heart.

When we think of heart poems, we often are written in response to how someone is feeling after some highly emotional event. How the writer feels at the time has a strong bearing on how the poem is written. For instance, the most common form of heart poem deals with the idea of a broken heart. This sort of poem is commonly written when someone has a relationship that comes to an unexpected end or ends badly. Sometimes these poems are used to express sadness when good friends are separated because one of them must move away. And of course, there is the sadness that everyone experiences with the loss of a loved one.

A Broken Heart
by Jenna


Let”s look at the first theme, that of the broken heart. Although broken heart poems will most often not help you reestablish your relationship, the act of writing one has a positive, therapeutic result. The healing ability of writing poems about having a broken heart is that it acts in much the same matter as a therapist who knows you and understands you much better than anyone else ever could. As you reveal the inner feelings of your heart, you place your deepest thoughts onto paper, which provides a tremendous amount of relief, especially in times of great pain and sorrow. The exercise is one that should be done without pushing yourself — let your thoughts and emotions come out naturally. The benefit is in the act of identifying your emotions, so remember that these words you are writing are essentially private confessions for which you have no obligation to share with anyone else. Unless, of course, you want to share them. The greatest benefit comes from allowing the words to flow easily and spontaneously, as though you were having a verbal conversation with a counselor in her private office.

Price Paid
by Brittany


After you have completed your first broken heart poem, you might realize that you have much more that you would like to say. By all means, go ahead and write some additional verses or poems. Although you may not feel totally relieved from the heart break you have experienced (it will take time), it does mean that you are getting all of your feelings and emotions out. Again, write down every word and thought that comes to mind. You will be surprised how much relief you actually feel by the end of it all At this point, you need to decide on whether or not to share your writings. If you do feel like you want to share them, find a friend or family member whom you trust. Ask them to look over the poems with you and provide you with some positive feedback. In the end, you should feel better and able to face the coming days.

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