Poems on Animals

Darkling ThrushEven if you”re not an animal lover, it”s difficult to deny that they can be quiet charming to watch. There are so many varieties of animals, each one with its own unique characteristics and charming features. It is, therefore, no surprise that animals have been one of the primary topics of poets over the many centuries. Whether they were animals used to plow the fields, animals that performed in some military or governmental arena or just animals that are observed in their natural habitats, they all have something wonderful that attracts our attention.

Certainly, animals are appreciated by all ages of people. Just visit any zoological park and note the wide range of people who are there enjoying the various animal enclosures and displays. Young, old and any age in between can be seen there. So it is no wonder that we see an equally wide range of poems about animals for all ages of readers and even non-readers.

Culture does not seem to have any impact on the likelihood of animals being selected as topics for poems. The fact that animals have played a significant part in the history of mankind probably factors in to their popularity as subjects of poetry. Many of these poems discuss the relationship of man with nature, others explore human characteristics which we have projected upon the animals, and many are simply about the various qualities of the animals themselves.

Poems on animals can be written for specific audiences with specific purposes. Most of us probably think of animal poems as being mostly for children. Without any doubt, there are a substantial number of poems written for the purpose of entertaining children.

Sid the Snake
by Christopher Ronald Jones


While there are a significant number of poems about animals for children, there are others which are more for adults who enjoy animals as well. These are most often related to our various pets, such as dogs, cats and horses; however others may be taking a more serious look at nature and the condition of animals as they live in the wild surroundings in which they originated.

The Darkling Thrush
by Thomas Hardy


Animal poems can be either serious or humorous. After all, when we think about animals, we can often see humor and seriousness in them, as well as the application of all human emotions. One of my most favorite animals poems takes a humorous poke at man”s own short comings as identified by an animal.

An Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog
by Oliver Goldsmith


Animals. They certainly do play a big role in our lives. Whether we need them to perform some laborious task, such as plowing fields or pulling wagons, whether we take advantage of their special characteristics, as we do with the drug sniffing dogs, or if we just enjoy them for their companionship, they are significant to our daily lives. Perhaps we should all take a few moments to consider some of the lines of poetry which have been written about the many animals around us. Perhaps we can jot down a few rhymes ourselves, in regards to some creature that catches our fancy or provides some element of entertainment.

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