Pet Poems

frogPets are a significant part of most people’s lives. Travel to any major city, at least in North America and much of Europe, and you’ll find stores dedicated completely to pets. These aren’t just little mom and pop places, but full blown retailers — you can even buy company stock. So, it should be no surprise that pets are a major topic among poets. There are any number of directions one can go when writing poems about pets. One could tell about the closeness they feel that they have with their dog or cat. Children are especially expressive regarding their pets and how much they enjoy the company of a turtle or hamster or gold fish. Here’s a poem by Kenn Nesbitt, who tells about a child’s visit to the pet store, and the success that child had in finding someone special to take home with him. This poem comes from Nesbitt’s book, My Hippo Has the Hiccups.

Pet Shopping
by Kenn Nesbitt


Another poet who has composed a few lines regarding a special animal in his life was Lord Bryon. Byron created for himself a special place in the world of British literature, with such masterful writings as Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage and Don Juan. Perhaps one of Byron’s most interestin works is She Walks in Beauty. Many have said that it was one of his most interesting writings, and it is certainly one of his better known poems. She Walks in Beauty is clouded in controversy. Although some believe it has something to do with a recent widow who is still in mourning, many suggest that it was written about Byron’s half-sister, Augusta. It is believed that Byron had a relationship with her, which was just one of many of the poet’s reported scandalous affairs. Anyway, in spite of his controversial life, his story about a pet dog is quite interesting and touching.

Epitaph to a dog
by Lord Byron


Animals have a way of captivating humans. We ascribe human qualities to them, even though we know intellectually that they don’t possess the same abilities . . . or do they? Some would certainly argue that point. Regardless, it’s always enjoyable to see how animals come into our lives. While some people go out of their way to select the pets they would like to share their lives with, others just seem to stumble upon them. Such is the case of the little girl in this next poem. She didn’t set out to find some little furry creature to befriend — it just happened. It is interesting to note that, the story takes place on a farm, which is full of animals. It seems, however, that being an animal isn’t by itself a qualification to become a pet. There needs to be something else — something that is only identifiable by the person who has chosen what he or she enjoys in an animal companion.

A Little Girl and Her Kitten
by Adine Cathey


Enjoy your pet. Be responsible and make sure that your pet receives proper nourishment, plenty of water (especially if it is a fish), regular visits to the veterinarian if appropriate, and the right amount of love and affection.

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