Slave Sonnet #1

Bob Flanagan

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I've been a shit and I hate fucking you now
because I love fucking you too much;
what good's the head of my cock inside you
when my other head, the one with the brains,
keeps thinking how fucked up everything is,
how fucked I am to be fucking you and thinking
these things which take me away from you
when all I want is to be close to you
but fuck you for letting me fuck you now
when all that connects us is this fucking cock
which is as lost inside you as I am, here,
in the dark, fucking you and thinking--fuck,
the wallpaper behind you had a name,
what was it? You called it what? Herringbone?

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  • franklavender91

    Extremely raw and nsfw, but the sheer honesty is jarring. The line "how fucked I am to be fucking you and thinking" really hits me, showing the narrator's inner turmoil and confusion.