Legend of Rosemary

Reginald Arkell

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There was once a lady, divinely tall,
who lived high up in a castle wall,
and longed to be lord in her husband's hall.

A troubadour chanced to be passing by,
as the lady looked down from her casement high.
He stood at the foot of the castle wall,
and sang to the lady, divinely tall,
who longed to be lord in her husband's hall:

"A holy father, from over the sea
has brought me this cutting of Rosemary.
Plant it carefully by the wall.
If it grows a tree, both healthy and tall,
You shall be lord in your husbands hall."

The lady listened, and so it befell
she wore the doublet and hose as well.

And even today
There are cynics who say:
The wife who means to master her man
will trot down the path with her watering can--

And if you follow her, you will see
she always waters her Rosemary.

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