The Morning Dream

Samuel Lover

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The eye of weeping
Had closed in sleeping,
And I dreamt a bright dream of night,
And that sweet dreaming,
Had all the seeming
Of truth, in a softer light;
I saw thee, smiling,
And light beguiling
Beam'd soft from that eye of thine,
As in a bower,
You own'd love's power,
And fondly vow'd thou would'st be mine.

The dream deceived me--
For I believed thee
In sleep, as in waking hours;
But even slumber,
Few joys could number,
While resting in dreamy bowers;
For soon my waking
The soft spell breaking,
I found fancy false as you;
'Twas darkness round me,
The night-dream bound me,
And I knew the dream was then untrue.

Again I slumber'd,
And woes unnumber'd,
Weigh'd on my aching heart,
Thy smile had vanish'd,
And I was banish'd,
For ever doom'd to part.
From sleep I started,
All broken-hearted,
The morn shone as bright as you!
The lark's sweet singing,
My heart's knell ringing--
For I knew the morning dream was true.

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