Spike Milligan

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I was thinking of letters,
We all have a lot in our life
A few good - a few sad
But mostly run of the mill-
I suppose that's my fault
For writing to run of the mill people.
I've never had a letter
I really wanted
It might come one day
But then, it will be just too late,
And that's when I don't want it.

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  • Stacee.Hellewell

    Wow, this hits close to home, doesn't it? "For writing to run of the mill people", I remember reading this a few years back and not fully grasping it. But now? It's like a punch to the gut. We really do spend our lives communicating with the wrong people, don't we? Waiting for that one letter we truly want, and then when it finally comes, it's too late. Deep stuff...really makes u think abt the choices we make.. and the letters we write or don't.

    • mani

      The nostalgic wave that comes with revisiting this poem! It's funny how when I read it as a younger person it made less sense. Seeing it now, it really stings with truth.