The Bargain

Ogden Nash

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As I was going to St. Ives
I met a man with seven lives;
Seven lives,
In seven sacks,
Like seven beeves
On seven racks.
These seven lives
He offered to sell,
But which was best
He couldn't tell.
He swore with any
I'd be happy forever;
I bought all seven
And thought I was clever,
But his parting words
I can't forget:
Isn't over yet.

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  • harrisonbrenan


    • Jane Dion

      This poem really makes ya think, huh? The 'I bought all seven and thought I was clever' line is definetely impactful. Like how often do we think we done good, and then it turn out not soo good? Wondering if there is more to 'Forever isn't over yet'...🤔