John Pierpont

Drink Of This Cup

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Drink of this cup! 'tis that which erst
Our pilgrim fathers quaffed,
When here they raised their dwellings first:
There 's safety in the draught.

Drink of this cup! the stream that laved
Old Lethe's fabled shore,
From want and misery never saved,
Like that which now we pour.

Drink of this cup! it bears a charm
Of more than magic worth:
A spell to keep the soul from harm,
A gift from heaven to earth.

Drink of this cup! its virtue strong
Shall keep the soul so bright,
That angel visiters may throng,
Rejoicing in its light.

Drink of this cup which temperance brings,
And reap the immortal gain!
See peace beneath her spreading wings,
And freedom in her train.

Drink only of this crystal cup!
Now be the deep vow spoken!
Now in the strength of God rise up!
And keep your vow unbroken.

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