Will You Come To The Spring

John Pierpont

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Will you come to the spring that is sparkling and light,
Where the birds carol sweetly, the sun-set is bright?
Will you, will you, will you, will you come to the spring?

Then the cup runneth o'er with the purest of drink,
And as sweet as the roses that bend from the brink.
Will you, &c.

Let it flow lovely stream it, will surely impart,
Both a new glow to beauty and peace to the heart;
Will you, &c.

When the gay flowrets droop in the noon summer's heat,
Or the bright dew descending restores every sweet;
Will you, &c.

With new blessings of life, it forever o'erflows,
It refreshes all nature wherever it goes;
Will you, &c.

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