James Beattie

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To this grave is committed
All that the Grave can claim
Of two Brothers ----- and ---- ------
Who on the vii of October MDCCLVII,
Both unfortunately perished in the --- water:
The one in his xxii, the other in his xviii year.
Their disconsolate Father --------------
Erects this monument to the memory of
These amiable Youths;
Whose early virtues promised
Uncommon comfort to his declining years,
And singular emolument to society.
O Thou! whose steps in sacred reverence tread
These lone dominions of the silent Dead;

On this sad stone a pious look bestow,
Nor uninstructed read this tale of woe;
And while the sigh of sorrow heaves thy breast,
Let each rebellious murmur be supprest;
Heaven's hidden ways to trace, for us, how vain!
Heaven's wise decrees, how impious, to arraign!
Pure from the stains of a polluted age,
In early bloom of life, they left the stage:
Not doom'd in lingering woe to waste their breath
One moment snatch'd Them from the power of Death:
They liv'd united, and united died;
Happy the friends, whom Death cannot divide!

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