A Birthday Petition To a Butterfly

Menella Bute Smedley

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Everybody must kiss me!
It is my birthday to-day;
Soon, very soon they will miss me,
So I can't linger to play.
But I ran out for a minute,
One little kiss to implore;
Butterfly, once you begin it,
Maybe you'll ask me for more!

With all the blossoms coquetting,
Just at the close of the day,
You disappear at sunsetting;
Where do you flutter away?
Somebody made the suggestion,
Up to the stars you had flown;
Butterfly, answer my question,
Have you a star of your own?
Oft have I search'd for your dwelling,
And when I've seen you at rest,
Fancied the rose you were smelling
Might be a butterfly's nest.
Pray do you sleep with your dress on?
Have you your bed in a star?
(Do you believe, with my lesson,
That they are ever so far?)

Long for my birthday I've waited,
All of a sudden it's here!
Then I am petted and fêted
One royal day in the year!
Lessons no more are imparted,
Pleasure each moment must bring;
No one is half so hard-hearted
As to refuse me a thing!
Butterfly, you owe me duty,
Long have I waited for this;
Come in, you glittering beauty,
Give me a sweet little kiss.
Nobody dares to distress me;
You must be amiable too—
Butterfly, come and caress me,
I'll never tell if you do!

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