Genevieve Taggard

For Eager Lovers

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I understand what you were running for,
Slim naked boy, and why from far inland
You came between dark hills. I know the roar
The sea makes in some ears. I understand.

I understand why you were running now
And how you heard the sea resound, and how
You leaped and left your valley for the long
Brown road. I understand the song

You chanted with your running, with your feet
Marking the measure of your high heart's beat.
Now you are broken. Seeing your wide brow
I see your dreams. I understand you now.

Since I have run like you, I understand
The throat's long wish, the breath that comes so quick,
The heart's light leap, the heels that drag so sick,
And warped heat wrinkles, lengthening the sand....

Now you are broken. Seeing your wide brow
I see your dreams, understanding now
The cry, the certainty, wide arms,–and then
The way rude ocean rises and descends....

I saw you stretched and wounded where tide ends.
I do not want to walk that way again.

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