The Gardener XL: An Unbelieving Smile

Rabindranath Tagore

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An unbelieving smile flits on your
eyes when I come to you to take my
I have done it so often that you
think I will soon return.
To tell you the truth I have the
same doubt in my mind.
For the spring days come again
time after time; the full moon takes
leave and comes on another visit,
the flowers come again and blush
upon their branches year after year,
and it is likely that I take my leave
only to come to you again.
But keep the illusion awhile; do
not send it away with ungentle
When I say I leave you for all
time, accept it as true, and let a
mist of tears for one moment deepen
the dark rim of your eyes.
Then smile as archly as you like
when I come again.

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  • luigimartins03

    I really enjoyed this poem! The whole idea of taking leave and the uncertainty of the return seems so relatable in life. It's funny how we always think that we'll soon see someone again, but you never really know. Also, the whole scenario of spring and flowers coming back every year brought a sense of hope and continuity in this world. And I liked the little touch of asking for a mist of tears before smiling again. Overall, it's a really nice and thought-provoking poem that got me thinking about life and relationships.