Upon The Author's First Seven Years' Service

Thomas Tusser

Seven times hath Janus ta'en new year by hand,
Seven times hath blust'ring March blown forth his power
To drive out April's buds, by sea and land,
For minion May to deck most trim with flower.
Seven times hath temperate Ver^ like pageant play'd, [Spring]
And pleasant Aestas^* eke her flowers told; [Summer]
Seven times Autumnes' heat hath been delayed
With Hyem's boist'rous blasts and bitter cold.
Seven times, the thirteen moons have changed hue,
Seven times, the sun his course hath gone about,
Seven times, each bird her nest hath built anew,
Since first time you to serve I chosed out.
Still yours am I, though thus the time hath pass'd,
And trust to be so long as life shall last.

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