The Old Soldier

Katharine Tynan

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Lest the young soldiers be strange in heaven,
God bids the old soldier they all adored
Come to Him and wait for them, clean, new-shriven,
A happy doorkeeper in the House of the Lord.

Lest it abash them, the strange new splendour,
Lest it affright them, the new robes clean;
Here's an old face, now, long-tried, and tender,
A word and a hand-clasp as they troop in.

"My boys," he greets them: and heaven is homely,
He their great captain in days gone o'er;
Dear is the friend's face, honest and comely,
Waiting to welcome them by the strange door.

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  • Shells3gz

    I remember readin' this piece back in my younger days, it struck a chord in me then and it does now. The imagery of an old soldier waitin' to welcome the young to heaven is just so poignantly moving. Makes thinkin' about the next life a bit easier, ya know? This here is one of them poems that sticks with you long after you read it. Certainly leaves a warm feeling in the heart espacially if you've served or known someone who has. Much appreciated.