The Happiness of Home

Septimus Winner

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The earth is bright with beauty,
And the distant sky is fair;
Over hill and o'er the meadow,
In the sunlight and the air.
How bright and how enchanting,
Is each object as we roam,
And how sweet is life's contentment,
With the happiness of home.


The heart may have its sorrows,
And its trials for awhile,
But the cares of life are fleeting,
Tho' they rob us of a smile;
Yet sweet are life's endearments,
And the joys that ever come,
When the soul can find a rapture
In the happiness of home.


Where words are kindly spoken,
And where heart with heart can blend,
We can ever find a welcome,
As a stranger or a friend;
Let the cot be e'er so humble,
In this wide world as we roam;
There is nought to charm us ever
Like the happiness of home.

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