Septimus Winner

Mercy's Dream

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I dream'd that o'er my soul there came,
A grief that moved my stricken heart;
And as I mourn'd, the sinful world
Did taunt me with its wicked art;
But then methought as thus I sigh'd,
An Angel came -- it seem'd from Heav'n
Who clad me in a garb of gold,
And whisper'd "Peace" to the begiv'n.


A crown of gold upon my brow
With gentle hand he kindly placed,
And on my neck a glist'ning chain,
The dust of earth had ne'er defaced;
With silent step he led me forth
Until we reach'd a golden gate
And passing onward to a throne
He bid me pause and there to wait.


The scene was bright -- like twinkling stars,
Or rather like the noonday sun,
And then I smiled in that sweet dream,
It seems so bright to look upon;
For he who sat upon the throne
He'd meet me with a smile of cheer,
And with a loving voice exclaim'd --
"I welcome thee my daughter here."

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