Mather Byles

HYMN to CHRIST for our Regeneration and Resurrection.

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To Thee, my Lord, I lift the Song,
Awake, my tuneful Pow'rs:
In constant Praise my grateful Tongue
Shall fill my foll'wing Hours.

Guilty, condemn'd, undone I stood:
I bid my GOD depart:
He took my Sins, and paid his Blood,
And turn'd this wand'ring Heart.

Death, the grim Tyrant, seiz'd my Frame,
Vile, loathsome and accurst:
His Breath renews the vital Flame,
And Glories change the Dust.

Now, Saviour, shall thy Praise commence;
My Soul by Thee brought Home,
And ev'ry Member, ev'ry Sense,
Recover'd from the Tomb.

To Thee my Reason I submit,
My Love, my Mem'ry, Lord,
My Eyes to read, my Hands to write,
My Lips to preach thy Word.

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