Mather Byles

ODE, for Palatine Tune.

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Heav'nly Love, our Bosoms seize!
Ye soft seraphick Pow'rs,
Come, join your Songs with ours:
Gently as the dying Breeze
Whispers o'er the Midnight-Seas,
Or breathes along the Shores.

Let the tender Echoes round
The sacred Song improve,
And sweetly onward move:
Lost in Extasy of Sound,
Let the feather'd Choirs resound
Thro' all the tuneful Grove.

Jesus, 'tis to Thee we sing,
Thou, the celestial Fair,
Soft to our Breasts repair;
Else we break each joyful String,
With sad Notes the Vales shall ring
Abandon'd to Despair.

Oh! thy Love our Passion warms!
Come bless our longing Sight.
Come, over-pow'r us quite:
Put on all thy wondrous Charms,
Come and fill our ravish'd Arms,
And Heav'n is less Delight.

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