As One does Sickness over

Emily Dickinson

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As One does Sickness over
In convalescent Mind,
His scrutiny of Chances
By blessed Health obscured—

As One rewalks a Precipice
And whittles at the Twig
That held Him from Perdition
Sown sidewise in the Crag

A Custom of the Soul
Far after suffering
Identity to question
For evidence't has been—

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  • katherineplayfor

    Hmm, not really my cup of tea, this poem kind of went over my head. I guess I just didn't really connect with it that much, but hey, to each their own right? We can't all have the same taste in poetry.

    • klausfacy66856

      Wow, Dickinson's comparison of recovering from sickness to rewalking a precipice sends shivers down my spine! 😨 Anyone else felt that? How does this connect to identity? 🤔