Oh I Will Live

Someday, fifty-five years from now,

if I am still alive,

someone will ask me,

"Why Dion? Why did you do it?

How did you do"?

I will look at them in the eyes,

with a look of satisfaction.

I may reminisce,

for a few seconds before answering,

"I did it because it was of the Lord.

No one else was doing it,

and it needed to be done.

People were lost.

So it was my honor,

to let people know,

that Christ is the only way,

to eternal glory.

People were searching for answers,

in all the wrong places.

It was my responsibility,

to lead them to salvation.

Sure I have had aspirations -

few of which,

were never carried out.

Still, I have accepted Christ.

I believe in his word.

I have lead many to salvation.

I have helped the homeless.

I have given to the poor.

I have stood in the gap.

I have finished the good race,

and it was all done with the Lord's help.

He had answered many prayers,

and put many different people in my life.

Had it not been,

for God's grace,

I would have given up long ago.

What once was my house,

has expanded into what,

I eventually turned into a shelter.

Yet, none of it was done,

on my own.

I did it because,

there was a mission,

that needed to be done.

Now my part is done.

I had lived a full,

yet short time on this earth,

compared to the everlasting life,

I will have in Heaven,

and Oh will I live.




  • Goldfinch60

    Wonderful Faith laden write. Your Faith will go from strength to strength and My Spirit will meet you in Heaven.

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