Can you hear my midnight cries
Can you feel my soul fall apart
You are alive and well
But it is only in my heart

I still remember it all
Even though I was ever so small
Your pure beating heart
Oh how it breaks me apart

In your arms I would rest
Eternally leaning against your chest
I would stare and feel the purity
Finally there was no more insecurity

In the past this all remains
Forever bound to its chains
It kills me beyond compare
That with you I can no longer share

Bound to hate, bound to grow
Love is something I will never show
For love is what from me you stole
My heart, a crude piece of coal

Please forgive me for what I did
For without you I was no longer a kid
I had to grow up, I had to survive
So it was the darkness where I dived

Please forgive my haunting crown
I never meant to have drown
In my hurt, in my despair 
I lost myself, thought no one to care

I will follow you
Through this world and beyond
Please forgive me
I have always missed our bond

Save me a seat
On your heavenly throne
I shall return to you
Our love to be known

Good bye my love
Good bye my darling
One day we will be two stars
In the skies, eternally shinning


  • Masking

    Beautiful, I Really enjoyed every word in this poem. As it's incredibly relatable and told in an interesting way. The only missing thing, Is your ending. I think it needs a bit more oomph.

    • Agiel

      Thank you! This is a rough draft, I'm still working on the ending. :)

    • Hesther

      I think this poem is wonderful, each word is powerful.

      • Agiel

        Thank you!

      • Goldfinch60

        Very good write. I am sure that you will meet those stars and go on to eternity.

        • Agiel

          Thank you.

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