Kevin Michael Bloor

Adonais is Fallen

When Adonais fought and fell

upon Fate’s foreign field

and blood was bleeding from his wounds

upon his sword and shield.


A stranger sought to save his life,

as he lay on the Earth,

while I made merry, mocked and moved

my measured mug of mirth.


When Adonais breathed his last

that fatal day in spring,

his fierce, ferocious, former foes

all feted him as king!

While I, unweeping, would not watch

his final, fateful hour,

I pray he does not label me

his traitor in the tower!


Oh! Adonais, sorely slain

in wretched world gone wild.

Forgive me, father, for my sin,

for I was just a child!


  • Masking

    Wow. This Was beautiful. It drew me in more every word I read, and the end I didn't expect. But I thought it was perfect for the poem. No complaints.

    • Kevin Michael Bloor

      Many thanks, M, I appreciate your feedback and kind comments and kind comments. I have found healing for grief in expressing myself in poetry. Again, thank you kindly.😊

    • Laura🌻

      Blue-eyed Bolla,

      Yes, you were only a boy! He has forgiven you!

      A most tender and loving tribute to your dear dad! May he Rest In Peace!


      • Kevin Michael Bloor

        Thank you Laura. This was so long ago, but it took many years before I could even speak about my dad. He died the year before I met Lorraine. She was a god send who helped me at the time. Again. Thank you.😊

        • Laura🌻

          Thank God for ❤️Lorraine!❤️She IS a Godsend!

        • dusk arising

          Your structure, meter, pace and metaphor here are second to none.
          I suspect this piece has been growing within you for years. Here we see expression of deep thought, consideration and loss. Truly an exceptional piece of writing surpassed by none.

        • Goldfinch60

          Very good write , as Laura said you were only a boy and he has forgiven you. I am sure that he would be looking over you and is always with you.

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