w c

A Poet

A Poet


I became a poet late in life

After other pursuits had failed

It was passion and got me high

Unlike what I tried

While young and setting sail


My sober days with a pen

Brought a satisfaction

And when I looked deep within

I doubted myself barely then

And that was the great attraction


My poems come from the heart

With God a common theme

And the joy He imparts

Every day from the start

Makes me want to sing


I don’t know how long I’ll write

I guess until I die

I’ll continue to search for the light

To guide me in a darker night

When life would pass me by


  • dusk arising

    Does life ever pass us by? This here and now is your life, my life, and quietly, away from the hubbub of out there, we are living our lifes as we see fit.
    The limelight and hubbub no longer suit my taste or my aching joints.
    Your poetic outpourings are worth reading because you've come to terms with your humanity and we can tune into that easily, leastways you make it easy to.

    Enjoyed reading you.

    • w c

      Thanks dusk. I appreciate your thoughts. I appreciate your review.

    • Goldfinch60

      It is amazing what starts us writing poetry and you find that once started it will never stop.

      • w c

        yes, goldfinch. i am addicted to poetry

      • onepauly

        the light is invisible but
        its always there.

        • w c

          very insightful, onepauly

        • orchidee

          A fine write w c. A fine pic of you there too?! Was ya around in 1887? lol.

          • w c

            Thanks, orchidee. the picture is not of me..lol. i guess the gig is up! lol

          • Lorna

            Revealing ourselves to ourselves.......

            • w c

              yes, Lorna. life is a revealing journey.

            • Poetic Dan


              • w c

                Thanks, Dan. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

                • Poetic Dan

                  More than that one word could mean, I felt a bit of myself or maybe you just sat right next to my soul.
                  Have a bit more time to write lol

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