dusk arising

peace 2

I ask for inspiration,
something yet un thought
compel the man of terror
forgo kalashnikov
give to me fine words
spoken with aplomb
received by ears which
end the scurge
of the suicide bomb


  • Goldfinch60

    Very good write, I wonder what compels them to do such things, If it is as they say their Faith then they are being misled by their Faith leaders, all Faiths believe in peace and not using others to commit suicide to try and achieve it.

    • dusk arising

      Well i am told that there is one faith which believes (written in its book) that non followers should be given the chance to convert or killed. That's not peaceful.
      Sadly most of the religious books of tradition are filled with contradictions on many subjects so fundamentalists can brainwash the inept. The christian bible for example has many mistranslations which are accepted by christian theologists and therefore begs the question.. why does the christian church still teach the gullible this falseness?
      Many atrocities are and have been committed in the name of one religion or another. History cannot be denied.

    • Heartwriter

      I will never understand that strength of hate. To end your own life while desiring to kill others. Terrible. Peace dusk! PEACE!

      • dusk arising

        There was a time when the west went east and committed atrocities in the name of christianity. The crusades.
        I think we have seen that many of the suicide bombers are young people without everyday brain capacity who have been promised all sorts of rewards in the afterlife for doing these terrible acts designed by evil people.
        Thanks as always for your comments and reaction Heart.

        • Heartwriter

          I agree ignorance runs far and rampit!

        • Joe Dawson

          You touch on a world once thought never to exist. The speed of the internet reduces the opportunity to think and in so doing accelerates and enhances hatred - especially in the young. We live in sad times. JD

          • dusk arising

            Yes Joe sad and worrying. Thank you for reading and commenting.

          • orchidee

            It's the human state since Adam and Eve (if we believe they existed). The 'problem' of evil, as it were. Not that we are all terrorists, etc, of course.

            • dusk arising

              There used to be a pub called the adam and eve in the tiny hamlet of paradise in gloucestershire between painswick and cranham. The landlady was a figure who would encourage your faith in the existence of evil.

            • Neville

              These words read like a prayer.. and so they should........ Amen...

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