Love is love.



Why was the world so desperate to prevent a feeling so real? 

A feeling that us humans should be blessed to feel.


An experience that wraps us up and blows us through existence 

The one true emotion that can outweigh obstacles and distance.


Who made the rules up, making love so one track minded. 

Blocking love from it’s true path, making the world one sided. 


It breaks my heart daily to know the struggles that were faced. 

People loosing out on love just because of RACE. 

What a disgrace. 


People being murdered for sharing love with the same sex...

Love was so bypassed and treat with no respect. 


People put in prison for loving a different ethnicity. 

how was the world so controlled by stupidity. 


It still is.


What part of peoples minds allows them to feel okay with this? 

Enforcing hatred on to people, because of who they kiss. 

It takes the piss. 


Love is pure.

Love is innocent 

So why does skin colour matter?

Love is quirky

Love is rare

Acceptance is the only answer. 

Love is blind. 

Love is deaf. 

Love is deeper then someone's gender. 

Love is real.

Love is raw.

So why was Love forced too surrender? 


Why prevent the world of feelings that are real.

Why force people to change themselves and stop the love they feel.

The underlining truth is that love will ALWAYS win.

Ultimately preventing love was the real sin. 




  • Author: ~E (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 5th, 2018 13:29
  • Comment from author about the poem: I get so annoyed when I think about people being discriminated for being in a relationship that doesn't consist of Heterosexual caucasian people. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? Love who the hell you want to love. It's beautiful to be you. If you find true love, you're lucky so embrace it :) ~ E
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  • germanamericanchurch

    Great flow and rythming was a+
    Not predictable but still spoken well:)

    • E-Poems

      wow thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed šŸ™‚ ~ E

    • Poetic Dan

      As the tiger said your light is so fresh
      With words like this will clean up this mess

      Much love and respect
      And from all of us in Brighton on a pride weekend celebrations

      • E-Poems

        I'm envious of Brighton pride week, wish I could have gone! thank you, You're always refreshing~ E

        • Poetic Dan

          Until your here and you see how wasted people get, sometimes I wish I could just turn off my brain... But then that would be no fun

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        • Goldfinch60

          Very good write, love can strike with anybody in this world, it is not planned, it doesn't follow rules, it is love.

          • E-Poems

            Too right, iā€™m Glad you enjoyed ~E

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