Dear Happiness,


Hi there

, I know it’s been awhile. Please know I did not forget you …ever. I know it may look that way from the outside. I have thought about you so many times. You were actually in my dreams, like we were back together again. They hurt the most, like punches to my gut. Dreams can be a bitter sweet reminder how I took the awesome things in my life for granted. I did that with us, took you for granted so often. I never appreciated all the smiles and laughter you gave me day in and day out.


I can’t change my past, only secure my future. I vow going forward to cherish and be aware of your company when you surround me.


I SO SORRY I WASTED SO MUCH TIME WITH Negative thinking. I look back and I am able to pin point when I allowed that sneak into my life. I realize the damages Negative THINKING is capable of and smart enough to know lessened learned. Regardless if you decide not to come around I will never go back to Negative Thinking.


I guess what I’m trying to say…Happiness you feel like Home. God I have missed you in places I never knew existed. Give me chance, come back and stick around awhile. I will show you how much you are appreciated.


All of my Love!



  • Yorelzinala

    Uplifting and brilliant!

  • Crystal Hope

    Fantastic and true piece. Nice work

    • lcmcfadden

      Thank you ! I appreciate your feedback. First time I ever shared any of my writing. Way out of my comfort zone. I usually write on my heavier topics...


      WELCOME FRIEND ~ I LIKE ALL YOUR POEMS ~ VERY CHALLENGING ~ But I like this one best of all ! We all seek for Happiness but it can be elusive ! Your poem says we sometimes take Happiness for granted and it's only when its gone ~ that we appreciate WHAT (and WHO) it was (the source of our Happiness) that we had. You indicate that you know that Happiness is always available if we eliminate the NEGATIVE and reach out & grasp it ~ AMEN ~ I am old enough (35) to know that NEGATIVITY destroys and HAPPINESS restores ! After reading (and digesting) your lovely Poem I resolve to eliminate all the NEGATIVES in my LIFE and replace them with HAPPINESS ~ AMEN Thanks for caring & sharing. I share my site with my FIANCEE ANGELA but she is in New Zealand for a YEAR ~ but we are both as HAPPY as we can be and I am flying out to her for a fortnight on the 18th of AUGUST ! Your MPS FRIEND ~ BRIAN

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